Friday, March 26, 2010

Winston Continued...

I have found that posting Winston's adventures on a blog leaves a bit to be desired, so I am fiddling with another format that will make it easier to follow, catch up and view the series. It won't be too hard to follow; I hope you will visit when you have time. *:)

If you look at the top of this blog where the header is, just under that you will see some TABS. These are the newest chapters in Winston the Wonderhound's story. And I am going back even further than the last time to the ultimate very, very, very beginning.  Just click on a tab under the header and you can run, ride, hide, and escape with Winston every step of the way. If you click on HOME you will come back here, and if you click on the other headings, you will go to each new chapter.


  1. Okay, Ginger, I started reading at the beginning and now you've got me hooked! Will you be posting a new chapter each Wednesday?

    Beth ;o)


Winston and Roxxanne like having you visit. They can use all the support they can get. This adventure has the possibilities of putting them both in danger more often than they would like. They invite your comments and suggestions. *:)