Chapter VIII ~ Good Queen Mellameen

As the three turned around they were facing a very angry looking Queen Mellameen.
Roxxanne was most distressed and jumped right into the cook's apron pocket.
Winston, however managed to remain rather calm as the cook explained what had happened.
Even so he did lift his left front paw as he often does when he is a bit worried.

"Oh your majesty," the cook began, "the most huge and terrifying dragon came into our kitchen while
I was preparing things for your birthday dinner."

The Queen continued an angry stare as the cook went on, "He ATE the china, he ATE the crystal, and when he had done all that he ATE the royal golden bowl."

"WHAT?" shouted the Queen.  "He ATE my royal golden bowl! "

The Queen took a moment to think and then she commanded, "All right Cook, you and these two friends of yours, just go find that nasty dragon and make him give it all back!"

"Y y yes your majesty." stammered the cook.

But in all honesty the cook had no idea how she could find the dragon or even get close enough to demand those things that had already been eaten.

The Queen was still not pleased.  She had seen what was left of the broken dishes and crystal on the castle kitchen floor.  As she angrily left the kitchen the worried  cook turned to Winston and said,
"I know only one person who can help us now, and finding him is going to be a challenge.