Chapter IX ~ A Sudden Surprise

"I know only one person who can help us now, and finding him is going to be a challenge."  The cook turned to Winston and Roxxanne (still in the cook's pocket) and very softly whispered....
"Deep in the caves below this castle lives an old and wise wizard.  We are going to find him and seek his help."

That seemed like a great plan but sometimes the best plans have a way of turning themselves inside out.
Because, as soon as the trio began to leave the castle kitchen they were confronted by none other than the dragon!

Brave Winston stood his ground and felt the firey blast of air from the dragon's roar. He did his best Winston Beagle HOOOOOOOWWWWWWWL and believe it or not the dragon turned and fled!

Winston, the hunter, began to run right after the dragon.  Maybe he viewed it like a huge squirrel, but nevertheless, the cook was very worried that he would get in to trouble.

"Winston! Stop!  You'll get hurt. Come back, Come, Sit, Stay!"

But it was no use, Winston was on the hunt, and all the poor cook could do was to follow.