Wednesday, April 28, 2010

CHAPTER VII - In the Castle Kitchen

As Winston and Roxxanne followed the cook up to the Castle they kept a keen eye out for any signs of a dragon lurking in the bushes around the Castle.  Fortunately the dragon was not there.... but WHERE was the dragon by now.
Although the trio did not know it, the dragon had found its way back into the castle and was deep below them in the caves that ran beneath the kitchen and the dining hall.  There in the dark corners of the underground the dragon had chosen to wait...but for what?  Watching and waiting for anyone who might come upon that safe spot, the dragon kept  a quiet watch below. Once the cook, Winston and Roxxanne had arrived in the Castle kitchen the cook began to explain what had happened.
"I was just getting out the fine china, crystal glassware , and the Queen's golden bowl when a huge beast crashed into the kitchen. " " At first I was too stunned to do anything, and I just stood there as this huge creature began to crunch, munch and eat up all the fine china."
The cook was beginning to be very upset as she continued, " Then with one big gulp, the dragon swallowed the Queen's favorite golden soup tureen WHOLE!" Winston and Roxxanne waited for the cook to finish her tale.  As they did so they sensed a movement behind them. As they slowly turned around they came face to face with...... The Queen!  And oh my...she did not look very happy.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's Winston Wednesday

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